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B-b b-b. 19 b. 19-b. 195 b. 195-B B-Bac Bac-Bae Bag-Bai Bai-Bak Bak-Bal Bal-b B-Ban Ban-b B-Bard Bard-Barn Barn-Baro Barr-Bart Bart-Bary Basa-Bask Bask-Bast Bast-Bat Bat-Bax Bay-Baz Baz-Be be-B B-Beau Beav-Bed Bed-b B-b b-before 18 before 18-before 189 before 189-before 19 before 19-B b-B B-Belgi Belgi-Bell Bell-Belle Belle-Belo Belt-Ben Ben-Benn Benn-Bent Bent-Ber Ber-Bern Bern-Bert Bert-Bes Bes-b b-between 186 between 187-between 1876 between 1879-between 188 between 188-between 189 between 189-between 1896 between 1896-between 19 between 19-between 1904 between 1904-between 1906 between 1906-between 191 between 191-between 1912 between 1912-between 1914 between 1914-between 1915 between 1915-between 1916 between 1917-between 1919 between 1919-between 192 between 192-between 1923 between 1923-between 1926 between 1926-between 1929 between 1929-between 193 between 193-B B-Bi Bi-Bie Bie-Bin Bin-b B-Bis Bis-Bié bl -B B-b b-B B-Black and white chalks Black and white chalks-Black b Black B-b B-Black chalk and w Black chalk and w-b B-Black chalk o Black chalk o-b B-b b-B B-b B-Black chalk, w Black chalk, w-Black co Black co-Black cr Black cr-Black g black g-black i black i-B b-black l Black l-Black p Black s-b b-black, Black,-b b-blackw blade -B b-B B-Blo Blo-b b-B B-Blun Blun-Bo Bo-Boe Boe-Boi Boi-Bol Bol-Bon Bon-b b-B B-Boo Boo-b b-B B-Boot Boot-b b-born 19 born 19-born 193 born 193-born 195 born 195-born C born C-B B-Born in 196 Born in 196-Born in F Born in F-Born in P Born in R-b b-born: born:-born: 19 born: 19-B B-Bot Bot-Bou Bou-Boun Boun-Bout Bout-b b-B B-Boy Boy-Br Br-Bran Braq-Bras bras-B B-Braz Braz-Bre Bre-Bri Bri-Bris Bris-Brit Brit-British, 18 British, 18-British, b British, b-British; British?-Bro Bro-Brod Brog-Bron Bron-Bronze o bronze o-bronze w bronze w-B b-B B-b b-B B-Bronze; Bronze;-Broo Broo-b B-b B-Brown l Brown l-Brown, Brown,-Brown, M Brown, M-Bru Bru-Brun Brun-Brus Brus-b B-Brush and brown w Brush and brown w-b b-brush and t brush and w-B B-Bu Bu-Bue Bue-Buf Bug-Bul Bul-Bur Bur-Burk Burk-b B-Burnished r Burnished r-Burns Burnt-Bus Bus-But But-Buy Bwa-By By-Bö


  1. black chalk under pen & ink (1)
  2. black chalk under pen and ink (3)
  3. black chalk wash, with black chalk, heightened with white (1)
  4. Black chalk with brush and brown wash, heightened with lead white (partly oxidized), on tan laid paper, laid down on ivory laid paper (1)
  5. Black chalk with brush and brown wash, heightened with touches of white chalk, on blue laid paper, squared in red chalk, laid down on ivory laid card. (1)
  6. Black chalk with brush and brown wash, heightened with white gouache, on blue laid paper, tipped on to cream card. (1)
  7. black chalk with colored chalk (colored chalk stumped in places), heightened with white chalk; squared with black chalk; framing lines in graphite (1)
  8. black chalk with coloured wash on laid paper (1)
  9. black chalk with gray ink wash heightened with white on brown paper (1)
  10. black chalk with grey wash on laid paper (watermark), mounted on wove paper (1)
  11. black chalk with opaque watercolor on brown wove paper (1)
  12. Black chalk with orange and yellow crayon additions by the artist (1)
  13. Black chalk with pen and brown ink on laid paper (1)
  14. Black chalk with pink wash (1)
  15. black chalk with red chalk (rubbed in places) (1)
  16. black chalk with stump on laid paper (1)
  17. Black chalk with stumping, and with traces of charcoal, heightened with touches of white chalk, on blue-gray laid paper (discolored to cream), laid down on cream wood-pulp board. (1)
  18. Black chalk with stumping, heightened with white gouache, on blue laid paper. (1)
  19. Black chalk with traces of white chalk , brown wash and pen and brown ink ON LAID PAPER MOUNTED TO A HEAVIER SHEET (1)
  20. Black chalk with traces of white chalk on laid paper (1)