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C-c c-c. 105 c. 105-c. 11 c. 11-c. 12 c. 12-c. 129 c. 12t-c. 13 c. 13-c. 137 c. 137-c. 14 c. 14-c. 143 c. 143-c. 145 c. 145-c. 146 c. 146-c. 147 c. 147-c. 149 c. 149-c. 15 c. 15-c. 1507 c. 1507-c. 152 c. 152-c. 153 c. 153-c. 155 c. 155-c. 156 c. 156-c. 157 c. 157-c. 158 c. 158-c. 16 c. 16-c. 1605 c. 1606-c. 161 c. 161-c. 163 c. 163-c. 1635 c. 1635-c. 164 c. 164-c. 165 c. 165-c. 167 c. 167-c. 169 c. 169-c. 17 c. 17-c. 172 c. 172-c. 173 c. 173-c. 175 c. 175-c. 176 c. 176-c. 177 c. 177-c. 1778 c. 1778-c. 178 c. 178-c. 179 c. 179-c. 18 c. 18-c. 182 c. 182-c. 183 c. 183-c. 184 c. 184-c. 1848 c. 1849-c. 185 c. 185-c. 186 c. 186-c. 187 c. 187-c. 1875 c. 1875-c. 188 c. 188-c. 1887 c. 1887-c. 189 c. 189-c. 1895 c. 1895-c. 1898 c. 1898-c. 19 c. 19-c. 1906 c. 1906-c. 191 c. 191-c. 1915 c. 1915-c. 1918 c. 1918-c. 192 c. 192-c. 1929 c. 1929-c. 193 c. 193-c. 194 c. 194-c. 195 c. 195-c. 197 c. 197-c. 2 c. 2-c. 3 c. 3-c. 4 c. 4-c. 48 c. 49-c. 5 c. 5-c. 6 c. 6-c. 7 c. 7-c. 9 c. 9-c. A c. A-c.1 c.1-c.14 c.14-c.15 c.15-c.159 c.159-c.16 c.16-c.17 c.17-c.18 c.18-c.19 c.19-c1 c1-ca ca-ca. ca.-ca. 11 ca. 11-ca. 12 ca. 12-ca. 13 ca. 13-ca. 14 ca. 14-ca. 147 ca. 147-ca. 149 ca. 15 -ca. 152 ca. 152-ca. 159 ca. 15t-ca. 16 ca. 16-ca. 17 ca. 17-ca. 176 ca. 176-ca. 178 ca. 178-ca. 18 ca. 18-ca. 182 ca. 182-ca. 1829 ca. 1830-ca. 1836 ca. 1836-ca. 184 ca. 184-ca. 185 ca. 185-ca. 1858 ca. 1858-ca. 186 ca. 186-ca. 187 ca. 187-ca. 1876 ca. 1877-ca. 188 ca. 188-ca. 1887 ca. 1888-ca. 189 ca. 189-ca. 19 ca. 19-ca. 1904 ca. 1905-ca. 1909 ca. 1909-ca. 191 ca. 191-ca. 1917 ca. 1917-ca. 192 ca. 192-ca. 1927 ca. 1928-ca. 193 ca. 193-ca. 1935 ca. 1936-ca. 194 ca. 194-ca. 1948 ca. 1948-ca. 195 ca. 195-ca. 196 ca. 196-ca. 198 ca. 198-ca. 2 ca. 2-ca. 28 ca. 28-ca. 3 ca. 3-ca. 5 ca. 5-ca. 6 ca. 6-ca. A ca. e-C c-C C-Cal Cal-Call Call-Caly Cama-Camb Camb-Came Came-Camer Camer-Camp Camp-Can Can-Canada: Canada:-Canada: Q Canada: Q-Canal Canal-Canv canv-C C-c c-card card-C C-Carm Carm-Carp Carp-Carr Carr-Cart Cart-Carv Carv-c c-carved and painted w carved and painted w-C c-C C-Carved i Carved j-Carved r Carved r-c C-Carved w carved w-C C-Case case-cast cast-C C-Cast g cast g-C c-C C-Cat Cat-Catt Catu-Cav Cav-Ce ce-C C-Cen Cen-Central I Central I-Central P Central P-c C-Ceramic w Ceramic w-Ceramic, Ceramic,-Ceramic, j Ceramic, j-Ceramic, p Ceramic, p-Ceramic, s Ceramic, s-Ceramic, V Ceramic, v-Ceramic; Ceramic;-Ceramic; S Ceramic; s-Cere Cere-Ch Ch-c C-c c-C C-c c-C C-Chap Chap-Char char-C c-charcoal and w charcoal and w-charcoal o Charcoal o-c C-Charcoal, charcoal,-C C-Charm Charn-c C-Che Che-Cher Cher-Chi Chi-Chiar Chiar-Chic Chic-Chil Chil-Children p Children p-Chim Chim-Chin Chin-China S China, -China, G China, G-China, J China, J-China, p China, p-China, S China, S-China; Chinar-Chine Chine-Chinese, Chinese,-Chinese, Q Chinese, Q-Chinese; Chini, G-Chl Cho-Chol Chol-Chos Chos-Chr Chr-Chro Chro-c c-C C-Ci Ci-c c-circa 14 circa 14-circa 149 circa 149-circa 15 circa 15-circa 154 circa 154-circa 156 circa 156-circa 158 circa 159-circa 16 circa 16-circa 162 circa 162-circa 164 circa 164-circa 165 circa 165-circa 167 circa 167-circa 17 circa 17-circa 173 circa 173-circa 174 circa 174-circa 175 circa 175-circa 176 circa 176-circa 177 circa 177-circa 178 circa 178-circa 18 circa 18-circa 181 circa 181-circa 182 circa 182-circa 183 circa 183-circa 184 circa 184-circa 185 circa 185-circa 1858 circa 1859-circa 186 circa 186-circa 187 circa 187-circa 188 circa 188-circa 189 circa 189-circa 19 circa 19-circa 191 circa 191-circa 192 circa 192-circa 194 circa 194-circa 2 circa 2-C C-c c-circa 7 circa 8-circa m circa15-cit cit-C c-C C-Clay Clay-Cle Cle-Cli Cli-c c-C c-C C-Co Co-Coc Coc-Cod Cod-Coi Coi-Col Col-Coll coll-C c-C C-Colo Colo-Color color-C C-Color d Color d-Color e Color e-c c-C c-C c-C C-c c-C c-C c-C C-c c-color woodcut r Color woodcut s-Color woodcut w color woodcut w-colore colore-C c-colored s Colored s-c c-C c-C C-Com Com-Comp Comp-Composite body, Composite body,-Comt Cona-Conn Conn-Cons Cons-Cont Cont-Conv Conv-Coo Coo-Cop Cop-Copp Copp-Copper alloy, Copper alloy,-Copper alloy- Copper alloy--Copper o Copper o-c c-C C-Cor Cor-Corn Corn-Corr Cors-Cos Cos-Costu Costu-Cot Cot-Cotton and w Cotton and w-Cotton and wool p Cotton and wool p-Cotton and wool; Cotton and wool;-Cotton i Cotton k-Cotton p Cotton p-Cotton t cotton v-C C-Cotton, p Cotton, p-Cotton, s Cotton, s-c c-C C-Cotton; o Cotton; P-Cotton; t Cotton; t-Cou Cou-Cout Cout-Cow Cox-Cr Cr-c c-C c-crayon, crayon,-C C-Creamw Creati-Cret Cret-Cri Cri-Cro Cro-Cru Cru-Cu Cu-Cup Cup-Cur Cur-Cut Cut-c c-C C-Cz Cz-Cô


  1. carbon stick, gold leaf and transfer tape on paper (1)
  2. Carbon, print, toned, from wet collodion negative (1)
  3. Carbonprint Woodburytype (1)
  4. Carcase, oak with tortoiseshell and brass marquetry (1)
  5. carcass and drawers of oak, cupboard shelves of mahogany; veneered with panels of sycamore maple inlaid with marquetry of various woods, with panels of plain tulipwood and plain bloodwood, and with strips of plain sycamore maple, all bordered by amaranth; mounts of gilt bronze; top of gray, rose, and red Sarrancolin marble (1)
  6. carcass and drawers of oak; veneered with panels of marquetry executed in various woods and with panels of plain burl ash and plain bloodwood (satiné rubané), all bordered by amaranth; mounts of gilt bronze; top of yellow, red, and brown brèche d'Aleps marble (1)
  7. carcass and drawers of oak; veneered with panels of marquetry executed in various woods and with panels of plain burl ash, plain bloodwood (satiné rubané), and plain tulipwood, all bordered by amaranth; mounts of gilt bronze; writing surface covered withtooled leather; top of white marble veined with gray (1)
  8. carcass and drawers of oak; veneered with panels of quartered tulipwood, plain tulipwood, and plain fruitwood, all bordered by amaranth; mounts of gilt bronze; top and shelf of yellow, red, and brown brèche d'Aleps marble (1)
  9. carcass and drawers of oak; veneered with panels of tulipwood inlaid with end-cut kingwood marquetry and bordered by kingwood; mounts of gilt bronze; top of yellow, red, and brown brèche d'Aleps marble (1)
  10. carcass of oak and fir, drawers of walnut and oak; veneered with panels of brass inlaid with tortoiseshell marquetry and bordered by ebony; mounts of gilt bronze; top covered with black leather (1)
  11. Carcass of oak, fir and poplar, marquetry veneer, brèche d?Alep marble and lacquered bronze mounts (1)
  12. carcass of oak; veneered on the exterior with tulipwood and kingwood and inside the pendulum case with amaranth and snakewood; mounts of gilt bronze; plinth of gray marble veined with rose and brown (1)
  13. carcasses and shelves of oak; veneered on the exterior with ebony and on the inner surfaces of the doors with tulipwood, amaranth, and padouk; doors and sides inset with panels of late seventeenth-century black-and-gold Japanese lacquer; mounts of gilt bronze; tops of dark red brecciated marble flecked with rose and white (1)
  14. carcasses of fir; veneered with panels of tortoiseshell and brass marquetry bordered by ebony and ebonized fruitwood; mounts of lacquered bronze (1)
  15. carcasses of oak, cedar, and mahogany, drawers of oak and cedar; veneered with panels of holly, ebony, and maple marquetry bordered by amaranth and with panels and strips of plain and tulipwood, maple, mahogany, and satinwood; mounts of gilt bronze; shelf of white marble lightly frlecked with gray (1)
  16. carcasses of oak, drawers of oak and walnut; veneered principally with panels of tortoiseshell inlaid with brass marquetry and bordered by ebony; mounts of gilt bronze; tops of dark red marble veined with white (1)
  17. Carchi (1)
  18. Card games (2)
  19. Card games. (1)
  20. card mounted on a hanging scroll; gold, silver, and ink on paper (1)