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  1. Cream slip with black and red painted slip decoration on ceramic (1)
  2. Cream slip with black painted slip decoration and firing clouds on ceramic (1)
  3. Cream slip with red, black, and yellow painted slip decoration on ceramic (1)
  4. cream wove cardboard; Transparent and opaque watercolor on thin, smooth, cream wove cardboard (1)
  5. cream wove paper; Graphite and wash (1)
  6. cream wove paper; Opaque and transparent watercolor over graphite on thick, slightl textured, cream wove paper (1)
  7. cream wove paper; Opaque watercolor on thick, slightly textured, cream wove paper (1)
  8. cream wove paper; Opaque watercolor on very thick, rough, cream wove paper (2)
  9. cream wove paper; Transparent and opaque watercolor and black ink on very thick, rough, cream wove paper (1)
  10. cream wove paper; Watercolor over graphite on moderately thick, moderately textured cream wove paper (1)
  11. cream wove paper; Watercolor over graphite on moderately thick, moderately textured, cream wove paper; watermark: ANCNE MANUFRE CANSON and MONTGOLFIER VIDALON LES ANNONAY (1)
  12. cream wove paper; Watercolor over graphite, with pen and black ink on thick, slightly textured, cream wove paper (Pen and watercolor on tracing paper.) (1)
  13. cream wove paper; Watercolor over graphite, with pen and red and black ink on moderately thick, slightly textured, cream wove paper (1)
  14. Cream-coloured earthenware with moulded decoration and stained lead glaze (1)
  15. Creamer (7)
  16. Creamware (2)
  17. Creamware (Queen's Ware), engine-turned and gilded (1)
  18. Creamware, molded (1)
  19. Creamware, transfer-printed (1)
  20. Creamware, with applied medallion and 'porphyry' glaze (1)