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  1. Four-case inr?o with design in gold and silver hiramakie with red lacquer on brown lacquer ground; tsuishu lacquer bead; ivory manj?u with design of Jurojin; ivory netsuke of Urashima signed Masahiro (1)
  2. Four-case inr?o with design of five crows in sumi-e togidashi on kinji ground; coral bead ojime; wood manj?u in Shibayama style with mother-of-pearl (1)
  3. Four-case inr?o with design of horses on kinji, and gold black and gray takamakie; coral bead ojime; two-piece ivory manj?u with Cho_kar?o (1)
  4. Four-case inr?o with design of Raiden and Futen in gold and gray takamakie on gold fundame ground; gold lacquer bead; wood netsuke of a demon running away with Bishamon's pagoda (1)
  5. Four-case inr?o with gold lantern, gong in gold takamakie of gold and black togidashi lacquer; ivory ry?usa manj?u with Buddhist emblems (1)
  6. Four-case inr?o with Hagoromo story design in gold takamakie on kinji ground with combined enashiji, fundame, and togidashi; branch or coral ojime; fan-shaped netsuke with head of Uzume (1)
  7. Four-case inr?o with Jo and Uba in landscape in gold takamakie, hiramakie, nashiji, and togidashi; porcelain bead ojime; ivory ry?usa manj?u signed Tomimaru (1)
  8. Four-case inr?o with landscape design in gold togidashie on black lacquer with touches of red; carnelian ojime (1)
  9. Four-case inr?o with pair of herons in sumi-e togidashi on a shibuichi-ju ground; green hardstone bead ojime; painted wood netsuke of man beating mokugyo drum (1)
  10. Four-case inr?o with rat's wedding in takamakie on mura-nashiji ground on black; carnelian bead ojime; two-piece ivory manj?u of two rats and daikon (this netsuke is now in netsuke box; Rat on a Candle, 34.13.358 attached) (1)
  11. Four-case inr?o with Rosei's dream in gold and colored takamakie with oki-hirame and gold hiramakie on black lacquer ground, inlaid with mother-of-pearl; silver oval ojime; ivory netsuke of fisherman with basket (1)
  12. Four-case inr?o with story of Kanshin in gold takamakie and figure in metal on kinji and black togidashi ground; lacquer bead ojime; two-piece manj?u in togidashi lacquer signed Inagawa (1)
  13. Four-case inr?o with takamakie design of cuckoo on togidashi ground on black with kirigane; coral bead ojime; ivory tsuitate of cuckoo signed Mitsusada (1)
  14. Four-case inr?o, carved with guri designs, in red, black and yellow lacquer; metal pouch ojime in shakudo and sentoku; square guri manj?u in red-brown lacquer (1)
  15. Four-case inr_ with flower medallions in gold and silver hiramakie on gold oki-hirame ground; metal lotus pod ojime; triangular folded package netsuke of gold fundame (1)
  16. Four-case inr_o; pines and sea in gold hiramakie with kirigane on a togidashi background; amber bead ojime; lacquer box netsuke in hiramakie on gold fundame ground; Ojime: carnelian; Netsuke: stained ivory; Worn straw Hat; signed Masatsugu (1)
  17. four-fold screen, ink and color on silk (1)
  18. Fourdrinier, Paul (6)
  19. Fournier, Alex Jean (1)
  20. Fournier, Alexis Jean (4)