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Mah-Mahogany w

  1. Mahogany case, oak interior, various exotic wood veneers, mother-of-pearl, wrought iron mounts (1)
  2. mahogany on wood and ormulu (1)
  3. mahogany plywood, linden ash, paint (1)
  4. mahogany veneer, kingwood and ormolu (1)
  5. Mahogany with boxwood inlay on padouk ground (1)
  6. Mahogany with brass inlay (1)
  7. Mahogany with cane seat; modern leather cushion (1)
  8. Mahogany with caning. (1)
  9. Mahogany with chestnut and white pine. (1)
  10. mahogany with gilt metal mounts, leather top (1)
  11. mahogany with inlays of various woods (1)
  12. Mahogany with inset mahogany fretwork panel painted on the front only; replacement upholstery (1)
  13. Mahogany with leather seat (1)
  14. Mahogany with maple, chestnut, and white pine secondary woods, rectangular top with cyma recta molding; moldings top of case; one drawer the width of the case over central recessed cupboard hinged at right; compartment flanked by 3 drawers at each side; moldings at base; 4 ogee-shaped bracket feet at front, one each back corney block-front to drawers at each side surmounted by scallop shell; recessed scallop shell center of top drawer; recessed scallop shell above recessed area on panel door; original brasses; 2 on top drawer, one on other drawers, escutcheon on door; no keys; right foot replacedNewport, Rhode Islandfor construction & design details, see object fol (1)
  15. Mahogany with marquetry of sycamore and other woods (1)
  16. Mahogany with marquetry of various woods; gilt-brass mounts (1)
  17. Mahogany with oak and maple. (1)
  18. mahogany with ormolu mounts and white marble top (2)
  19. Mahogany with parquetry inlay and ormolu fittings (1)
  20. Mahogany with rosewood seat rail; ash (1)