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  1. Walnut legs; beech frame; upholstery in embroidery of wool and silk; the back and sides covered in glazed wool; cushions lined with kid skin; silk trimmings, originally blue (1)
  2. Walnut mounted in silver gilt (1)
  3. walnut table with gilding, inlaid ornament, and gilt metal mounts (1)
  4. Walnut veneer, white pine (1)
  5. Walnut with polychrome and gilt decoration (1)
  6. Walnut with white pine; Four round feet (left front and right front are original) left rear and right rear are old replacements; with cyma reverse turning at top; cyma reverse base molding at front and each side; two drawers the width of the case below one tier of drawers, each half the width of the case, surmounted by a false drawer immediately below lid (each drawer including false drawer, fitted with central escutcheon and at each side an escutcheon with a bail handle; one escutcheon with bail handle on each half drawer); double astragal molding frames each drawer and edge of lid section; hinged lid with molding for bookrest (replaced) at center bottom and supported by one slide (rectangular in section) at each side; desk interior of a sliding cover for a central well, at each side one compartment above a drawer with a concave front, and recessed at center six compartments surmounting three drawers each with two concave elements (each drawer extends the width of two compartments)' cyma shaped bracketsat top of each central compartment at each side; bookcase: two hinged doors, each with an arched top, a panel with a beveled edge and arched top, and framed by a large and a small astragal molding conforming to the panel shape; cornice consists of an arch at each side and two on facade (one above each door) defined by a series of moldings; two-part domed top conforms to facade arches; spaced over facade, three removable original urn-shaped finials surmounted by spiral-turned cone; slide for candlestick centered beneath each door at base; interior of two shelves with double astragal molding at edge and surmounted by eight equally-spaced compartments with shaped bracket at top; hollow space behind each arch of top (1)
  7. Walnut, beech, rosewood, oak and fruitwoods on walnut base (3)
  8. Walnut, carved and gilded, with 18th-century embroidered satin covers not original to the frames (1)
  9. Walnut, carved and turned with cane seat and back (1)
  10. Walnut, carved, gessoed and gilded; with modern Genoese velvet upholstery (1)
  11. walnut, chromium-plated steel (1)
  12. Walnut, ebony, gilding, bronze, baize, carved, cast (1)
  13. Walnut, leather (1)
  14. Walnut, maple (3)
  15. Walnut, maple, beech, cedar, brass, glass, paint (1)
  16. walnut, maple, japanning (1)
  17. Walnut, maple, pine, brass, carved (1)
  18. walnut, maple, white pine as a secondary wood (1)
  19. Walnut, maple, white pine, glass (1)
  20. Walnut, nickle, ,silver, brass, and tin (1)