Detail View: The AMICA Library: Twelve Views of Tiger Hill, Suchou: The Pine Retreat

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Shen Zhou
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1427 - 1509
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Shen Zhou
Twelve Views of Tiger Hill, Suchou: The Pine Retreat
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Full View
Creation Date: 
after 1490
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Materials and Techniques: 
album leaf, ink on paper or ink and slight color on paper
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Overall: 31.1cm x 40.2cm
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The Cleveland Museum of Art
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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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Leonard C. Hanna, Jr. Fund
Artist's seals: Ch'i-nan (1 on each leaf); Shih-t'ien (1 on first and fourth leaves).1 colophon and 4 additional seals: 1 colophon and 1 seal of Yao Yüan-chih (1776-1852); 3 seals of Hou Shih-kung.Colophon by Yao Yüan-chih:The brushwork of this album is aged and powerful. It is so vigorous that it gives you a feeling of the mist and clouds when looking at it. It could not be done by any other than the old master, Shen Chou. Formerly the album was in the collection of Hu Tzo-shou's family. After many changes of hands, it came finally into the possession of Li-keng, the Keeper of the Imperial Stable [that is, Pin Liang, Manchurian poet-calligrapher, later the Imperial Resident in Lhasa, Tibet, 1784-1847]. Not long ago, when its former owner Tzu-shou came to visit me and found the album in my study, he sighed in nostalgia and told me that there were originally an inscription and colophons in the album which are now lost. Sung Lo [1634-1713] once had a poem by Shen Shih-t'ien on the painting of Tiger Hill. [The poem is missing from the album.] It must be a poem written for this album. However, according to Sung's own title, the poem was composed after the rhymes and meter of the original poem on the album. Now there is no poem whatsoever in the frontispiece or at the end of the album. Is this what Tzu-shou meant - that the original colophons and inscriptions are missing?Li-Keng, the Keeper of the Imperial Stable, has asked me for a colophon. The album has been left on my desk since last year. How time has passed! On the first day of the chia-shen year [1824], I returned from the Court Audience. The plum trees in the pots have started to blossom with their first fragrance. How much has this added to my enjoyment of the painting! I therefore write down a few words for your criticism. [signed] the Student of the Grass Leaf Pavilion, Yao Yüan-chih. trans. WKH
Walter Hochstadter; Richard B. Hobart (B, E, F, J); Walter Hochstadter
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