LUNA Browser

NEW! The new LUNA browser has many powerful tools to help you find, work with and share content. New features include:

  • Create Web Widgets and embed them in outside applications
  • Build Media Groups
  • Create a slide show from a Media Group
  • Create dynamic presentations
  • Easily create a link to any view, Media Group, slide, or presentation
  • Search Flickr for added content via the External Media Search
  • Use the advanced veiewing tools in the LUNA Workspace 
  • Content specific Help for more information on how to use the LUNA Browser
  • Learn, create, share and Explore... 

The LUNA 6.0 Browser is compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Luna 6.0 Browser - New! LUNA 6.0 Browser. Works in IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome on Windows and Mac operating systems. Subcribers use Login for full resolution version.

Non-Subscribers can try the Preview Version of the AMICA Library

Quick Start Guide for using new LUNA Browser:

  • You can explore the collection without being logged in, but you'll need to login in order to use the advanced features like Media Groups, Presentations, and the External Media search
  • To search for images enter a keyword, use the Advances Search or Browse Categories
  • Rollover a thumbnail to see a Media Summary
  • Click on an image to open it in the Detail View for zooming tools and full catalog record
  • Add images to the LUNA Workspace to explore several images simultaneously
  • Use the Presentation tool to make dynamic presentations for export or playback 
  • Consult the online Help for more information on how to use the LUNA browser

The LUNA Browser and Java Client software are products of Luna Imaging, Inc.

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