Cartography Associates provides Universities, Museums, Public Libraries, and K-12 Schools with the lowest possible prices for the AMICA Library with a simple annual subscription fee structure. Check HERE to see if your Institution is already subscribed to AMICA, and to gain access to the online collection. If not subscribed, you can Preview AMICA in Insight® Browser Now!

The collection is now available for the Fall 2005 term to educators and scholars within institutions for an annual subscription rate. AMICA and Cartography Associates accept student registration figures published by the Peterson's Guide, which can be found online at

Colleges and Universities up to 6,000 undergraduate students = $.50 per student. For example, a university with a total student population of 2,000 pays an annual subscription fee of $1,000. There is a minimum annual subscription fee of $400.

Colleges and Universities over 6,000 undergraduate students = $1,500 distribution fee plus $.25 per student. For example, a university with a total student population of 7,000 pays an annual subscription fee of $3,250.

Museums, Public Libraries, K-12 Schools, and Consortia, for subscription rates please contact Cartography Associates at

By subscribing to the AMICA Library through Cartography Associates, you get extra Benefits.
See a list of Current Institutional Subscribers to the AMICA Library through Cartography Associates.

Institutional Subscribers may sign up for a one-month free trial of AMICA through Cartography Associates by sending a request to


1. Contact Cartography Associates by email at and include your contact information into the body of the email (Name, address, and phone number of institution; main contact name, phone number, and email address).

2. We will then send you a combined AMICA License and Distribution Agreement to sign and return.

3. Once the combined License and Distribution Agreement have been received, you will be sent via email questions regarding your institution’s access to the AMICA Library.

4. After receiving all pertinent access information you will be sent a final email with links for the AMICA Library via the Insight Browser as well as the Insight Java Client.

If you have further questions regarding the AMICA Library or the subscription process, contact Cartography Associates at or call (415) 626 1939. You can also check out Cartography Associates Frequently Asked Questions

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